As I reported last week, we’d already made our £2,000 target for March, with £10 and six days to spare! But that didn’t stop our supporters continuing to donate. For example, BK made a bank transfer of no less than £100 and wrote: “You’re already comfortably over the target, but, hey ... what the heck, eh?”

That’s what we like to hear, comrade! Especially now we’ve decided to upgrade some of our software, so as to provide a better-quality publication. Of course, during the current crisis, we’ve had to suspend printing the paper, so it’s online only. Fortunately our readers more than understand. We are, though, still laying it out in newspaper format. This is much more difficult at the moment, as we are all working from home. And our efforts are appreciated. MB emailed to say: “Glad the Weekly Worker is still in newspaper layout in the PDF. Looks even better.”

Apart from BK, other notable donations in the last few days of March were the £50 we received from both JT (standing order) and DB (PayPal), while JC’s quarterly standing order was for £30 - which he says is going to be increased to £50 with immediate effect! Another seven comrades made contributions of between £10 and £15 (including AR, who as usual split his into two parts - £10 by standing order and £5 by PayPal). Anyway, another £267 came our way in the last six days of March, leaving us with a total of £2,277. Brilliant!

And we’re not doing too badly in April either - £142 received on the first day! Mind you, they were all standing orders - lots of comrades like to pay up on the first of the month! In fact there were 13 donors, contributing amounts between £5 and £20 - the two who donated the latter amount being comrades PG and SJ.

Thanks very much to everyone who’s chipping in so generously - and to our subscribers, who are thankfully continuing to make their regular payments, even though they’re having to read us online. That’s what you call solidarity!

Robbie Rix