Do what you can

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The boost I was hoping for to make that £2,000 target for March’s fighting fund unfortunately did not happen over the last seven days. True, we received six substantial contributions from regular donors, but nothing apart from that.

So let’s start first with the good news. First there were four standing orders - thanks to KB, MM, PB and TR, whose contributions totalled no less than £345! That’s commitment for you. Then there were two PayPal gifts from RL (£50) and US comrade PM (£25). So the running total for the month increased by £420 and now stands at £920, with exactly two weeks left to reach the £2K we need.

But the bad news is, we are still rather behind where we need to be, with well over half the month gone - and with some of those expected substantial standing orders and PayPal donations already received. True, there are a few more of them in the pipeline, but they won’t be anywhere near enough to take us where we need to be by March 31.

So let me appeal to our readers and supporters once again: we need you to chip in. Please click on the PayPal button on our website or - better still - make a bank transfer (where there’s no charge for either donor or recipient). Please pay account number 00744310, using sort code 30-99-64. And, yes, we’re still accepting cheques and there’s plenty of time to get them to us before the end of the month!

Please do what you can to see us home.

Robbie Rix