The goods

Robbie Rix is making an offer you can't refuse

We are edging ever nearer to our £1,500 monthly fighting fund target for October, thanks to the nice round total of £400 that we received in donations this week. That takes us to £1,139, which leaves us a further £361 to get in a week. That’s definitely more than possible, although there’s no room for complacency!

There were quite a few small donations amongst that £400, but no less than £305 of it came from just two comrades - SK and MM - in the shape of their regular standing orders. Also worthy of note were a £20 cheque from JD and a further £20 from DK via PayPal. Although DK was one of 1,227 online readers in Britain, once again it was the United States that recorded the highest total from any one country (1,358). I also noted an increased tally from Germany - 81 isn’t a huge number, but that’s more readers than from any other country in continental Europe. I put it down to that incisive article on Die Linke we featured from Ben Lewis last week.

To be honest, I don’t mind where our donors live, so long as they come up with the goods. And, as I say, ‘the goods’ over the next seven days means £361. I’ll tell you what - if 36 of our readers cough up a tenner, I’ll throw in the other pound myself! Any offers?