Going colour

The print edition of the WW remains a powerful organ. And - with the continued support of our readers - full-colour, high-definition frontpages will be here to stay

I’m sure readers of the print version of this week’s paper will have noticed something different - the front page is in full colour (you don’t have to be that observant!).

We have asked our printers to produce this edition as an experiment and we would like to know what our readers think of it. There is a catch, though - a small thing called money. The overall increase in printing costs would come to around £250 a month and so we would have to up our monthly fighting fund target by the same amount.

Personally I think that’s a small price to pay for what is, after all, a marked improvement in the appearance of the Weekly Worker. But what do you think? And, just as importantly, will you help us raise the extra cash? I think we can do it. After all, once again in October we have raised the full £1,500 target. With two days still to go as I write, we have already pulled in £1,521.

Thanks to everyone who chipped in, especially the five fantastically generous comrades who got out their cheque books this week - JH (£60), RG (£50), KF (£25), YD (£20) and IH (£10). Then there was NW (£20), PN (£20) and CD (£10), who made use of our PayPal facility and, last but not least, the six people whose standing orders landed in our account. JM, JT, DS, RC, PM and CC - you are all working class heroes!

We have never yet raised £1,750 in a single month, but I have the feeling our readers and supporters will rise to the challenge if we ask them to. Watch this space.

On another positive note, we are carrying the latest edition of Labour Party Marxist. Obviously the Labour Party is a vital site of struggle that cannot be shirked. I would urge, in particular, members of the Labour Party to read it. The comrades make a powerful case for transforming Labour into a permanent united front for all working class organisations and partisans.

Robbie Rix