Touching distance

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With the best part of a week still to go, I’m delighted to report that we’re now within touching distance of our £2,250 fighting fund target for May. To be precise, we now have £2,239 in the kitty, which means we’re just £11 short!

As comrades will know, the Weekly Worker depends on the support - financial and otherwise - of our readers and subscribers. And right now you’re not letting us down! Mind you, over the last seven days the money received depended to a very large extent on just two comrades - SK and PM. with their three-figure monthly standing orders. But among the others were DR (£20), comrade Hassan (£10) and TT (£6). Altogether £391 came our way since last week.

Why is it that so many comrades give such support? Let me quote someone who has just set up a monthly payment, comrade JH: “I can’t tell you how much I look forward to Thursday evening, when without fail I start reading your paper. Before I came across the Weekly Worker, I never knew that any left group was so open, free and honest. What other paper carries such free debate and criticism?”

Well, it’s only through such debate that we will achieve what is so desperately needed: a principled, democratic, Marxist party, open to all genuine revolutionary socialists. And the achievement of such a mass party, uniting all the revolutionary left, is precisely what we at the Weekly Worker are committed to!

Robbie Rix