In the kitty

As I reported last week, we comfortably made our April fighting fund target of £2,000 with a day to spare. But that still left the last day of the month and on April 30 three more donations came our way.

Two were end-of-the-month standing orders from VP and RL (both for £10), but the third was a rather handy PayPal contribution from one of those keen supporters of the Weekly Worker, comrade TB - for £50! So that extra £70 took our final total for April up to £2,170.

And our May fighting fund has started reasonably well too - mainly thanks to all those start-of-the-month standing orders. There were 15 of them, of which I’ll mention the most generous. Thank you, comrades AC (£50), CG (£30), NR (£18), MD (£16) and MT (£15). In addition, there were two PayPal contributions - another £50, this time from comrade MF, plus a fiver from BO.

However, despite my promise last week to include anything received by post in this week’s column, unfortunately we weren’t so lucky when it came to cheques and postal orders - none at all, I’m afraid. But that’s hardly surprising, is it? The lockdown affects people in all sorts of different ways - even going out to buy a stamp or post a letter!

But it’s incredible how loyal and patient our readers have been. Even though this is the seventh issue of the Weekly Worker that is online-only, only one person has been forced to cancel their subscription! Mind you, as we’ve previously made clear, once we resume printing, all subscriptions will be extended by the appropriate length of time.

But it’s slightly different if, instead of paying in advance for six months or a year, you make regular uninterrupted payments - either by standing order or PayPal. In those cases it’ll be up to the readers themselves to say what they want to happen. But, from the reaction we’ve had so far I think we could get more comments along the lines of comrade HJ’s instruction this week - “Take it as a donation!”

That’s another fiver towards May’s fighting fund then, meaning that we start the month with £276 in the kitty.

Robbie Rix