Much appreciated

Pride of place when it comes to donations this week is comrade BK, who transferred to the Weekly Worker bank account the unusual - but most definitely generous - sum of £86. But, when it clicked that this was the exact amount of January’s shortfall, it all started to make sense! And this from a comrade who recently expressed regret at having to cut down on his regular donations. Never has the phrase, ‘Much appreciated’, been more appropriate!

Another handy gift was from comrade TB, who donated £50 via PayPal, having been “encouraged” by the report of the CPGB’s annual general meeting in last week’s paper. Another PayPal donor was US comrade PM, who came up with his usual £15.

But the largest number of contributors to this week’s fighting fund were those who paid by standing order - there were 19 of them, whose donations varied from £5 to £30 and totalled £282. Altogether we’ve raised £433 in the first week of February - despite the fact that a problem with our mail delivery means that I’ve got no news to report of any contributions by cheque. But don’t worry if you sent one in - all will be revealed next week!

Despite that, though, I can’t help feeling a little concerned by the fact that, seeing this is February, the end of the first week means that exactly a quarter of the month has gone by, and four times £433 doesn’t quite total the £1,750 we need. Especially when you take into account the fact that BK’s £86 really belonged to January!

Please do what you can to help out.