Not a bad start

Last week I reported that, with one day of February’s Weekly Worker fighting fund remaining, we had already well and truly exceeded the monthly £2,250 target. Well, on that last day a further £20 was received from comrades VP and MD (£10 each), so our final total for the month reached an excellent £2,525.

Yes, that’s right: we were £275 above the target! And that, in turn, brings me to more good news. Regular readers of this column will know that comrade BK has offered to match any monthly excess in the first few months of 2024, so that means we started March’s fighting fund with £275 already in the kitty. Thank you, comrade BK!

On top of that, there were bank transfers/standing orders from AC (£100!), EW (£55), MM (£31), ST and CG (£30 each), RG (£25), BK and MS (£20), BG and MT (£15), TM (£13), MM (£11), CP, AN, DI and YM (£10), and finally DC and JS (£6 each). In addition Both MH and GW donated a tenner via PayPal.

Not a bad start to the month - we’ve already got £712 (just below a third of the target, with only six days of March gone, as I write). But let’s not get too complacent. Don’t forget, currently our printing costs have soared - but we are looking to come to a good deal soon.

So let’s keep those donations coming in thick and fast. Help us make sure that the only paper that fights for an anti-sectarian, fully democratic Marxist party can continue its essential work.