Within reach

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Once again, right now it’s looking as though we’re going to be just a bit short of our monthly £2,000 fighting fund target in July. With £260 coming our way over the last week, our running total stands at £1,670 - meaning we need another £330 in just three days.

Although we just got there in May and June, in April we were over £300 short, so let’s not see a repeat this month. And, of course, reaching that 2K target is definitely possible - all we need is just a handful of comrades to come up with the goods. Comrades like GB, who made a fantastic bank transfer of £100 a couple of days ago!

Then there were monthly standing orders from JT (£50), DG (£20), GT (£15) and AR (£5), plus DB’s really useful regular £50 donation via PayPal. Another PayPal donor was comrade EW (£15), whose contribution I overlooked last week. Apologies, comrade! Finally comrade Hassan came up with one of his usual gifts - this time a fiver handed to one of the Weekly Worker team.

As I say, we can still get there, but we need to reach that target by Saturday July 31, so basically there are two options if you want to help us out. First, just click on that PayPal button on the website and, secondly, make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310). The second option is better, of course, as it doesn’t involve any charges being deducted.

Please join those who want to ensure that the Weekly Worker continues to play its essential role: providing a vital forum for the exchange of views between revolutionaries in order to construct what remains sadly lacking: a principled, democratic, Marxist party, capable of bringing together the best elements from the left.

Robbie Rix