Up our sights

Aim just a little higher, and our target will be hit, says Robbie Rix

Didn’t I say things would improve this week? Seven days ago just under half the month had gone and our fighting fund running total for September was standing at only £644, when we need to raise £1,750.

But the below-average return from standing orders last week was well and truly turned on its head this week - no less than £815 came in from SOs. Thanks go (in order of the size of their monthly donations) to KB, SK, PM, MM, TB, DG and TR for their generosity and commitment.

And the number of SO donors has been added to this week in the shape of new subscriber AW, who has more than doubled the asking price for a subscription, paying £25 a quarter instead of the £12 we charge for comrades who pay by this method. Thank you, comrade.

Also in the post was a £20 cheque from CD, while KC (20) and BR (£10) both made use of our PayPal facility. Mind you, they were the only two out of 3,064 online readers last week to click on that button.

Still, they contributed to an impressive £890 that we received from all those sources, taking our September running total up to a much more satisfying £1,534. Which means we now need just £216 to reach our target, with nine days still to go.

I think we should now up our sights. By my calculations the overall fighting fund deficit from the previous eight months of the year stands at £634. Let’s see if we can eat into that!