First things first

It’s that time of the month when our fighting fund receives a massive boost, thanks to the three-figure standing orders from KB, PM and SK, together with the slightly more modest, but still extremely generous, monthly contributions from MM (£75), GB (£50), TR (£40), BK (£20) and TB (£10).

Would you believe it? Those standing orders alone came to no less than £695, and they were augmented by the fantastic £100 bank transfer from JS and the regular £25 PayPal donation from US comrade PM. Despite the fact that there were no cheques this week, the Weekly Worker is now better off by £820 and our running total for November stands at £1,416.

That’s not bad at all, seeing as the monthly target is £2,000 and we still have 10 days to go. In other words, another £584 is still needed, but we now have a great opportunity to end 2019 with a surplus. Not that I want to speak too soon - first things first. We must make sure we get there in November and then do the same thing again next month.

But let’s concentrate on this month first. Are you one of those who appreciates our paper week after week, but never gets round to contributing a little something? If so, now would be a good time to break with the past! To donate online, make your payment to account number 00744310, sort code 30-99-64, or else click on that PayPal button. And, of course, we still accept cheques and postal orders.

Robbie Rix