£61 still needed

With one day still to go, as I write, we need just £61 to make our January fighting fund target of £1,750. In other words, a couple of nice donations on the last day of the month should see us home.

The highlight of last week was the cheque from comrade AD, who added no less than £100 to her subscription payment. She urges us to “Keep up the excellent reporting” and adds: “I thought Conrad’s response on the letters page to Anne McShane’s article on ‘The will to liberate’ was excellent.” It’s not often you can say that a letter we publish is worth £100!

Then there was the £50 bank transfer from BK, who described it as part of his“infinitesimally tiny contribution towards painting massively wide socialist horizons”! There’s nothing like ambition, comrade. On top of that, we had the usual batch of standing orders - thanks to DG (£60), JT (£50), SS and GT (£15 each), and to PM, RL and AR (£10). The above-mentioned AR, as usual, made another monthly payment - for £5, this time via PayPal. He was one of only two comrades who chipped in like that this week - the other being ME, who donated a tenner.

All that came to £335, taking us to £1,714 - just a little short of what I was hoping for, despite the generosity of four comrades in particular. But we can still get there if, as soon as they read this, comrades follow the example of two of those named above, either by clicking on that PayPal button or - better still, because it involves no payment charge - making a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310).

Let’s make sure we start the year with a bang!

Robbie Rix