Going rate

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I’m pleased to say that comrades have responded well to my remark last week that the Weekly Worker’s July fighting fund was lagging a little bit behind where we ought to be if we’re going to make that £2,000 monthly target. Six of them made donations either by bank transfer or standing order, while another two chipped in by clicking on the PayPal button on our website.

Let’s start with the standing orders. Not only did we get the usual fantastic three-figure donations from comrades SK, KB and PM, which always come our way this time of the month: there were also more modest - but very handy - gifts from MM (£75), TR (£40), GB (£25) and GS (£20).

When it comes to PayPal, there was £50 from LC and £25 from US comrade PM. All that boosted our running total by no less than £735 - more than we already had in the kitty following the first two weeks of the month and taking us up to £1,410.

That leaves me feeling quite a bit more optimistic, as we’re now right back with the going rate, with just £590 needed in the last 10 days of July. But let’s not take anything for granted - the last week of the month is renowned for being a little sparse in terms of monthly standing orders, for instance.

But there’s plenty of time for you send us a cheque (yes, we sometimes still get some of those!), log on to PayPal or make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310. Let’s make sure that my optimism isn’t misplaced!

Robbie Rix