Extra quid

Robbie Rix is a firm believer that every little helps

Last week, I mentioned the World Cup sweepstake that Weekly Worker supporters have organised to support their paper. This has raised a handsome £320 (yes, that’s right - £10 from each participant to draw one of the 32 teams), although we are still waiting for one or two comrades to hand over the cash (you know who you are!).

This has certainly boosted our June fighting fund - we need £1,500 each month and we already have £917. Apart from the sweepstake, we received three substantial standing order donations - thanks to MM (£75), DW (£20) and SP (£20). Then there were two cheques, from LB (£20) and KH (£10), and finally a single PayPal contribution from comrade AS, for £11. Yes, that’s an odd amount, but with impeccable logic AS gave us a tenner and threw in an extra pound to cover PayPal’s commission. Nice one!

He was one of 9,841 hits on our website last week, by the way. So comrades are still finding the time to read us despite the distraction of the World Cup. Mind you, I wish a few more would follow AS’s example and leave us a donation - not forgetting the extra quid, of course!