Printer costs

Time to set a new target, if you lot keep this up...

Last week I reported that our usual printers would be out of action “for a few weeks” and we needed to find a replacement “on a temporary basis”. But now it looks like something more long-term is necessary - which might mean that extra costs will be incurred on a permanent basis.

We’ll keep you posted on that one (but I hope those who are reading this in the printed version of the Weekly Worker can’t see any deterioration in print quality!). So, while it was great to exceed last month’s fighting fund target by just short of £500, we need to keep a sense of perspective. Let’s hope we can shoot right through that £1,750 barrier for a second month running.

And, of course, the first week of every month is always among the best, because that’s when we receive a large number of standing-order donations. There were 15 of them this week, ranging from £5 to £30, and totalling £238. Then there were three PayPal donations - thanks to GR (£25), MN (£20) and WN (£10) - plus two cheques: NR sent us a fantastic £50, while LC added £20 to his subscription.

Finally, comrade ST donated £20 specifically for our paper at last Sunday’s excellent London Communist Forum, taking our total after the first week of November’s fighting fund to £383. Well, that’s just about on target - but not if we want a repeat of October’s success. And we do, I can assure you.

Robbie Rix