Another success

Robbie is satisfied with your efforts... for now

Good news, comrades - you did it again! Over the last seven days £255 came in, which means that our November fighting fund now stands at £1,825. In other words, we have exceeded our £1,750 monthly target by £75, with two days still to go.

We got £145 by way of standing orders - thanks go to DG, who has upped his monthly donation to £60, as well as to JT (£50), GT (£15), SS and AR (£10 each). On top of that BC made a bank transfer for £25, while comrades CT (£20), FN (£10) and NR (£5) clicked on our PayPal button.

Finally comrade LC posted us a cheque for £50. He writes: “This is to help you get over your printing difficulties.” Speaking of which, we have now come to a permanent arrangement with the new printers - and without incurring the drastic increase in costs we feared. Hopefully things will now settle down after the initial teething problems, and readers of the hard copy will approve of the quality.

Anyway, we need to keep the funds coming in to help cover the extra expenses incurred over the last few weeks - I wonder how far we can get towards the £2,000 that came our way in October! Would you like to chip in before the weekend? If so, please use our PayPal facility or - better still - make a bank transfer to account number 00744310 (sort code: 30-99-64).

Let’s build on another month’s success!

Robbie Rix