Month to remember

ongratulations and thanks to all comrades who helped us race past our £1,750 fighting fund target in February. Despite this being the shortest month, we emerged with £1,889 - not enough to make up for the £214 shortfall in January, but within £75 of doing so.

The last week of February saw £107 come in through standing orders (of which the highlight was JT’s £50), plus three handy PayPal donations - thanks to AN and TB (£30 each) and LT (£10). There were also two cheques from FN (£75) and JS (£25).

And, as I write, in the evening of March 1, we have already received £232 towards March’s fund. That’s the total from 15 start-of-the-month standing orders, ranging from £5 to the £40 donated by both MS and EW.

There’s more good news as well in the form of a big increase in the number of online readers, compared to recent weeks - up to 3,458, which is over 850 more than the week before. As I say, that’s good news, but wouldn’t it be great if just a few more of those readers remembered to click on that PayPal button?

We rely on you - our readers and supporters - to make up for that constant difference between our regular expenses (office costs, printing, mailouts, etc) and the money that comes in from sales and subscriptions. So let’s make March a month to remember!?