Swings and roundabouts

Robbie Rix could do with cheering up

Once again, we have fallen short - by a very narrow margin - of our fighting fund target. Despite some valiant last-minute donations, we ended May on £1,456 - just £44 short.

But let me mention those comrades who in the last two days of the month answered the call I made in last week’s column and donated some much-needed cash either by PayPal or bank transfer - thank you, BJ (£25), MD (£15), RL and CT (£10 each) and TT (£3).

It’s a bit worrying, of course, that so often we don’t quite make it. I know we have good months and bad, but at the moment there seem to be far more ‘roundabouts’ than ‘swings’. Anyway, let’s hope we’ll see one of those swings in June - we already have £271 to start us off.

Most of that came in the shape of all those start-of-the-month standing orders from the usual suspects - I won’t name names: you know who you are! Then there were those two transfers from comrade DG totalling £45, plus a cheque from KG (£20). Finally RT clicked on our PayPal ‘Make a donation’ button (one of 10,752 hits on our website last week, by the way) and left us a handy £15.

Let’s hope we make the full £1,500 target in June.