Over the line?

Thanks this week go in particular to TDB, who has just paid his £60 annual subscription via PayPal. The only thing is, he doesn’t want to receive a copy of the print version, as he now reads the Weekly Worker online. In other words, it’s an annual donation to our fighting fund. That’s the spirit, comrade!

Another PayPal donor was MG, who chipped in with £10, while we received five regular standing order payments from DG (£60), JT (£50), SS and GT (£15 each) and AR (£10). The last named comrade was also our third and final PayPal donor - he likes to use two methods for his monthly total of £15!

Finally, we received two cheques - yes, some people are still that old-fashioned! Thanks go to FD for her £20 and to MN, whose note accompanying his £20 donation reads: “I always turn first to your letters - what a contrast to the rest to read such genuine debate.” That’s what we’re here for, comrade.

And, showing that MN is by no means the only reader who appreciates the role of the Weekly Worker, our fighting fund total for May has now reached £1,822. There’s one problem though - the target is £2,000, so, as I write, we only have two days left to raise another £178. I reckon we’re going to need quite a few comrades to click on that PayPal button - or better still - make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310). The second method is not only just as quick - there’s no charge either.

Please do your best to help us over the line.

Robbie Rix