Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I’m afraid to say we fell quite a bit short of our £2,000 fighting fund target for July. As I reported last week, we needed £351 in just two days, but, unusually, only one comrade responded to my urgent appeal for last-minute donations.

That was JP, who made a PayPal transfer of £50 in the evening of July 31! He wrote: “We need the Weekly Worker now more than ever, so I hope this helps!” It does, comrade - rest assured. There were also two £10 monthly standing orders from RL and VP - thanks, comrades: you helped take the final total for July up to £1,719.

So now we could do with making up that £281 shortfall in August and, as usual, we start the month with a whole batch of standing orders. Thanks go to AC and EW (£50 each), CG (£30), MD (£16), MT (£15), TM (£12), MM (£11), AN, YM, DI and JS (£10 each), BG (£7), PL and DC (£6), and PBS (£5). All that means we start August with £248 in the kitty.

Mind you, comrade CG, whose £30 standing order appears in the list above, telephoned our editor earlier in the week to inform him that he’s sent a cheque. He didn’t specify the amount, but comrade Manson read into CG’s tone of voice that it might be quite generous! I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, let’s make sure we not only reach that £2K target in August, but we also make up for the July deficit. Please do what you can to help us out.

Robbie Rix