Smash through

Good news, comrades. In January, once again, we have exceeded our £2,250 fighting fund target (by £141) and, once again, comrade BK has kept his word and matched that excess as soon as he was told!

But first things first. As I reported last week, we already had £2,138 in the kitty, so we only needed another £112 with seven days still to go. But in fact £253 came our way, thanks to LM (£80), DB (£50), GT (£35), JT (£25), DG (£20), AR, VP and MD (£10 each), DD (£8) and - last but not least - a £5 note from comrade Hassan.

All that took our total to £2,391 - an excess of £141, which led comrade BK to transfer that same sum to the Weekly Worker straightaway, taking our final total for January up to £2,532. He says he will do the same in the first part of 2024, up to a maximum of £500 overall - a good way to encourage other donors, isn’t it?

So now we’ve eaten into the 2023 deficit a little bit - something much needed in view of the increased costs we are facing, especially for printing. As I’ve informed readers over the last couple of weeks, our printers were hit by a fire, which means we need to find a reliable replacement at a reasonable cost. Hopefully we are making progress in that regard - I’ll keep you posted on that one!

But, either way, we really do need the help of our readers and supporters. Let’s see if we can smash through that target once again in February! l

Robbie Rix

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