With a flourish

Robbie Rix was pleased to see extra cash in the Christmas stocking, but the Weekly Worker needs that every month

Readers will be pleased to know that our fighting fund ended 2016 with a flourish - £579 was raised in the final week of the year to take our December haul to a magnificent £1,950 - all but making up for the £282 deficit in November.

Of course our monthly target is £1,750 and we should aim to reach it every single month in 2017. And I must say that a number of comrades set a fine example at the end of 2016 - not least comrade BK, who transferred £250 to our account (not to mention his partner, RD, who threw in an extra £50). Other generous donors were AC, who transferred £100 via his online account, plus DS (£50) and TB (£30), who both made use of our PayPal facility. On top of that there were seven standing orders totalling £99.

So far in the first month of the new year 23 comrades have ensured that their donations reached our account - either by transfer or standing order. Amongst them were CG and SW (£30 each), FK, BK and GD (£25), and DL, II and DV, who all contributed £20. Then there were two cheques - £50 from KT and £20 from RD (added to his subscription). But a running total of £412 is somewhat lower than I had hoped for - now we need to step things up.

This is, of course, the first issue of 2017 - three weeks after the last one of 2016. But our online readership has remained pretty high despite there being no new edition - a total of 7,875 visitors logged on to our website over that period. We aim to ensure that those figures increase much more over the next 12 months, as we continue our central focus on the need for a principled, united Marxist party. But for that we need your continuing support, including financial support. Let’s make sure we hit our £1,750 target each and every month.