Meeting the new target

The last few days of the month saw us creep towards the £2,000 mark for our March fighting fund, but in the end we stopped just short, the total received being £1,914.

Donors included JS, who contributed £15 via PayPal and wrote: “No other labour movement paper has a letters page which encourages so much debate.” In fact, in the comrade’s opinion, the Weekly Worker is “the best paper in the worldwide labour movement”. Steady!

Another PayPal donation came from AR (£5), while there were two end-of-the-month standing orders - thanks to DR (£15) and BC (£10). Finally, in a last-minute bid to get us past that £2,000 barrier, comrade PT made a £20 bank transfer on the afternoon of March 31! Great stuff, but not quite enough to get us there.

The reason I’m going on about £2K is, of course, because we’ve decided to increase our fighting fund to that amount from this month, mainly because of increased printing and postage costs. The fact that we almost got there in March, even though the target was still £1,750, is encouraging.

And April has got off to a good start, despite the fact that, as I write, only three days have gone so far. That’s mainly down to those standing orders that always come our way at the beginning of each month - there were 16 of them, ranging from £5 from DC and PBS to £50 from AC. Also worth a mention are the contributions from SW (£30), DC and II (£20) each. There were also two cheques - from MN (£20) and VL (£10).

All in all, we start April with £260 in the bag after one tenth of the month. So we’re on target, but can we keep up the momentum for the rest of the month?

Robbie Rix