Help us get there

As usual, the second week of the month was not the most productive - £340 was donated to the Weekly Worker fighting fund, as opposed to £712 in the first six days!

But that’s because lots of our supporters have set up standing orders to be paid at the very beginning of each month - mind you, things usually shoot up again in week three, thanks to a handful of really generous monthly SOs which come our way then. But for now we have a total of £1,052 in the kitty for March, towards that £2,250 target - not too bad with, as I write, just 13 of March’s 31 days gone.

The largest contribution in the last seven days came from comrade PB, who, as usual, came up with her excellent £70 donation, while other bank transfers/standing orders were paid by BO (£35), NH (£30), GD and DV (£25 each), plus IS, SM, LG, PM and CC, who all donated their regular tenner. On top of that, both RL and US comrade PM chipped in with their usual brilliant £50 PayPal contributions and, finally, comrade Hassan handed his expected fiver to one of the Weekly Worker team.

Let me remind all our readers, though, that our printing costs have soared and we still haven’t found a regular printer who can be relied upon to do the necessary each and every week at a price that is anywhere near as reasonable as the previous company, which had to pack up after a fire. But we’re still looking and I’m confident we’ll (eventually) find one that won’t be overly costly in the longer term.

In the meantime, we really need to reach that £2,250 target as a bare minimum each and every month. So can you help us get there in March? Send us a cheque, click on PayPal on our website, make a bank transfer or - best of all - set up a standing order.

If you want to play your part, please see the details below.

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

To make a donation or set up
a regular payment visit