Fighting Fund: nothing for granted

Robbie Rix thanks readers for their generosity, and looks to raise the stakes

Thanks to a couple of outstanding donations, the running total for our October fighting fund has more than doubled since last week.

Top of the list for generosity is comrade KB’s transfer of £280 into our bank account - brilliant! Then there were two large cheques - £100 from RG and £50 from CL. On top of that there were five standing orders - thank you, MM (£75), DG and TR (£40 each), BK (£10) and SP (£5). Finally comrades TB (£25) and DB (£7) got in on the act via PayPal.

For those readers whose maths is not quite up to scratch, all that comes to £632 - as against the £619 we had already received since the beginning of the month. That takes our total for October up to £1,351, with just about two weeks still to go - making our £1,750 target look like a piece of cake.

But my long years in charge of the fighting fund have ensured that I take nothing for granted. Yes, I expect us to break through that target, but I know that satisfaction can soon turn to disappointment in this game. We still need £399, but I think we should realistically aim for another £650, taking us to over £2,000 for the month. I expect that would just about ease my worries for the rest of the year.

It would be good to have a little in reserve over and above our normal running costs. We do have a couple of supplements planned, for instance, and guess what? Yes, we have to find the extra cash to pay for the printing and postage!

Fancy helping us get that two grand?