Every penny

Comrade BC, who this week added a handy £40 to his £60 annual subscription cheque, says in the accompanying note: “You’re worth every penny!” And RN, who also sent in a cheque (for £25) obviously agrees - although he is too modest to write anything (apart from signing the cheque!). Anyway, it’s very much appreciated, comrade.

As for standing orders, this is the time of the month when not too many of them land in the bank account for our fighting fund. We received six of them - from NH (£30), GD and DV (£25 each), SM and SN (£10) and MF (£5). Plus a more than generous £50 bank transfer from comrade TP.

That was also the amount donated via PayPal by comrade RL, while DB came up with his usual £7 using the same method. Finally, in addition to BC, there was another cheque - from RL, who contributed £40. All that means that our running total went up over the last seven days by £277 to £596.

Mind you, that’s quite a way below our monthly target of £2,000, with almost half November gone already. But I’m not downhearted - I know that the third week is when those substantial standing orders start to come in. But I’m not complacent either - we still need a good number of one-off donations to make sure we reach that target.

Feel free to help us out!

Robbie Rix