August next

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Congratulations to all those comrades who chipped in at the end of last week to make sure we broke through that £2,250 barrier - in other words, we just made our Weekly Worker monthly fighting fund target for July!

You may remember that I told you last week that we still needed £115 - by last Friday in reality (in other words, the day after publication). And we did it! Thanks in particular to Irish comrade AM, who made a fantastic bank transfer worth £82 in sterling; and to comrade BK, who, not for the first time, did his bit with a £50 transfer. There were also end-of-the month standing orders from MD (£25) and DC (£6).

Those four contributions were enough to take our final tally up to £2,273, so we exceeded the target by £23 - not a huge amount, admittedly, but it did go a little way to make up for those shortfalls at the beginning of the year.

So what about August? Can we get there once again? Well, after just three days, as I write, we already have £341 in the kitty! True, the start of the month is renowned for the higher proportion of standing orders than normal and August has been no exception - just about all of the donations were standing orders.

Special thanks goes to comrades AC (for his excellent £60) and EW (£50), while TG contributed his usual £25. Then BK - the same comrade whose £50 helped ensure we reached our July target at the last moment - paid his usual £20 just a couple of days later! Others who chipped in with that same amount were PG and ML, while a further 15 comrades donated sums of under £20.

Now let’s see if we can really smash through that £2,250 barrier in August! But just a word of warning: as usual there’ll be two weeks this month when there’ll be no Weekly Worker - on August 18 and August 25. In other words, next week will see the last issue until September, as we’ll be having our usual two-week summer break.

But let’s hope we’ll end the month with a bang in any case!

Robbie Rix