Saw the light

Now why not spread it around?

With three days still to go before the end of the month, we are within touching distance of our September fighting fund target of £1,750. Thanks to donations amounting to £440 that came our way this week, our running total stands at £1,712. In other words, we still need £38 in three days - more than possible, I would have thought!

There were six standing orders this week that came to £385 - thank you, SK, PM, BB, JC, GT and SS. Then there were two PayPal gifts - from FB (£25) and MT (£10). Finally, comrade LC sent in a cheque for £20, accompanied by the following note:

“Dear comrades, I’ve been reading the Weekly Worker online for about six months now and I can’t say how much it’s affected my political thinking. I used to think that people who joined Labour were idiots - didn’t they know that Corbyn and McDonnell will always be reformists? Then suddenly the penny dropped. The idea is not so much to win the Labour leaders to Marxism, but the Labour activists. This cheque is my way of thanking you for helping me see the light.”

You’re right, comrade - the vast majority of Labour activists can be won to Marxism, and that in turn would eventually result in the transformation of Labour into a united front of all organisations of the working class. However, that would not negate the need for a specifically democratic-centralist Communist Party (which would be a Labour affiliate, of course).

And that in particular is where the Weekly Worker comes in. Our main role is to campaign, week after week, for such a Communist Party - one that takes the fight to transform Labour seriously. And I’m glad you’ve put your money where your mouth is - we can only continue to play that role thanks to the support of readers like LC.

And now we need not only to cross the line in September, but to ensure we make the full £1,750 - and hopefully more! - for the rest of the year too. Please do what you can to help.

Robbie Rix