Round figure

Robbie Rix celebrates rounding up

Accompanying his cheque for £100, CT writes: “I thought I’d make it a nice round figure!” By that he means that he added an extra £40 to his £60 subscription - and gave our fighting fund a handy boost in the process. But there was no note enclosed with the £50 cheque from NT - money speaks louder than words!

On top of that there were four standing order donations - thanks to NH (£30), GD (£25), DV (£20) and SM (£10). Then there was another PayPal gift from ET - it was only last week he donated £25 - plus £7, also via PayPal, from DB.

A word of warning though - we’re lagging a bit behind the going rate, as we attempt to reach our £1,750 target for December. With the best part of two weeks already gone, we only have £574. After November’s fantastic success it would be a shame if month 12 ended in disappointment. And, as I’ve mentioned before, the Christmas break, which is now looming large, does seem to result in fewer donations coming our way.

And I can tell it’s that time of the year by the dip in online readers - only 2,616 last week. But I’m not crestfallen - I know those readers and all our supporters won’t let us down. Please do your best to make sure we end 2017 on a high note.