Firm footing

Keep up the good work so that Robbie Rix won't have to worry about next month either

Not too much to crow about, when it comes to the last two days of March - just an extra £20 came in (thank you, comrades RL and VP for the £10 you each donated).

But, when it comes to the month as a whole, it’s a different story, of course. Not only did we meet our £1,750 target. We reached our best ever monthly total of £2,239 - just £11 short of a £500 ‘overfulfilment’! Congratulations to all those readers, friends and supporters who helped ease my financial worries (at least for a while!).

That puts us in a good position, as we embark on our April fighting fund, so let’s try to consolidate our gains and keep the Weekly Worker - which depends entirely on those readers, friends and supporters - on a firm footing.

And we’ve got off to a reasonable start in the first five days of April, with £312 coming in. Most of that came in the shape of the usual batch of start-of-the-month standing orders - no less than 20 of them, totalling £262. The most generous were SD and CG (£30), FK (£25) and DC and II (£20). But even the regular fivers from DC, GW and PBS helped to increase the total.

There were also three PayPal donations - thanks to JH (£25), PM (£15) and DF (£10). That’s three out of exactly 3,333 online readers last week! But we didn’t receive any cheques - not because no-one sent any, I hasten to add, but because the comrade who was supposed to be collecting the mail didn’t quite manage it! Never mind - next week?