Upping the rate

As reported last week, our printers were badly affected by a fire, which meant, especially given the time of year, that we couldn’t arrange a substitute at short notice. It should be added that our printer was intending to sell their traditional, four-drum Heidelberg press and go over to digital with the possibility of not being able to do our paper in its present format. Either way, we’ve now got a new print company and we are trying them out this week.

They promise same day delivery. So, hopefully (if all goes well!), the print edition will be folded, collated, posted by our team and be with you on schedule … depending, of course, on the vagaries of Royal Mail.

However, we are still looking for a printer to take over the job on a permanent basis. And this might well entail an increase in the price we will have to pay. We’ll let you know if that is the case and what that means in terms of this fund, the cover price, sub rates, etc, in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we’re looking good to reach our £2,250 target for January. With, as I write, just under a third of the month gone, we’ve already received from our readers and supporters £952. Special thanks go to comrade AC for his £100, but there’ve been plenty of other donations over the last week. Thanks also to FK (£39), BO (£35), HN and CO (£30 each), GD and DV (£25), SJ (£20) and TM (£13), Then there was £20 from JN, £15 from RG and £10 each from DI, IS, SM, LG, PM, GW and MH.

Apart from the last two listed, who contributed via PayPal, all the others paid by bank transfer/standing order. But, irrespective of the method, this week we raised £422. That augurs well for reaching a new target, probably beginning in February.

Keep up your good work, comrades. We absolutely rely on your help!