Back with you!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

A good number of our readers have expressed disappointment (not to mention surprise) that there was no paper last week. That was, of course, because of the two extra bank holidays on Thursday and Friday last week, called to celebrate the monarch’s platinum jubilee.

The simple fact of the matter was that our printers were closed for the entire long weekend. Then there is Royal Mail. So if we had printed the paper, it would been not on the Thursday as usual, but on the following Monday … and you would have got it through the post on Wednesday, or even Thursday. We should have expected that, but, frankly, we didn’t. Apologies, therefore, about the last edition of the paper not carrying an announcement.

Of course, those with subscriptions will have their accounts suitably adjusted and, sort of, by way of compensation, this week’s paper has 16 pages instead of the normal 12.

Nevertheless, despite our non-appearance, this did not stop readers expressing their steadfast support - and, in particular contributing to our fighting fund, which is one of the most important ways of doing that!

So far in June £497 has been notched up - and this comes on top of the fantastic £2,643 we received in May. Our monthly target is, of course, £2,250, so we exceeded that by over £400 last month! Thanks very much to one and all.

Over the last two weeks more than £900 was contributed to our fund in total and I would like to give special thanks to the most generous: namely BK (£100), TDB and AC (£60), EW (£55) and JT, AN and DB (£50 each). There were 30 other donations - almost all via bank transfer or PayPal.

Keep up your support. Let’s see if we can match the success of May once again this month. Please play your part if you can.

Robbie Rix