Do what you can

A rather disappointing week for our fighting fund, I’m afraid. It was only a couple of last-minute cheques that stopped us staring at one of the poorest seven days I can remember. Thanks go to comrades FC, who donated a timely £50, and TR, who threw in an extra £20, added to his subscription renewal.

Apart from that, things were not so good. Mind you, when it comes to standing orders, the second week of the month is always the worst, and this particular seven-day period brought us just £105 from SOs - thanks to BT (£50), NH (£30), DV (£20) and RP (£5). Finally there was one lone PayPal donation for £7 from comrade DB.

All in all, just £182 was added to the running total, which now stands at £565. With half the month gone, that doesn’t look good if we want to build on our October success, when we broke through the £2,000 barrier, well and truly exceeding our £1,750 target.

We are now about to enter that part of the month where several large standing orders come our way, but will it be enough to compensate for two poor weeks? After all, with our printing problems not yet resolved, we could do with building up a little bit of a fallback in case things don’t quite work out.

Speaking of that, if you’re reading the printed version of the Weekly Worker, hopefully you’ll find the quality more than satisfactory. We’re looking to come to a permanent arrangement pretty soon, following the closure of our former printers. This week we’re trying out a second alternative.

Apologies for the fact that the printed version was a day late last week, by the way - although that was only indirectly connected with our printing problems. A software fault led to the loss of an edited article, which had to be partially rewritten. As a result of that delay we missed our time slot with the printers and they couldn’t fit us in until the next day.

Anyway, we could do without a big November shortfall, but we still need just short of £1,200 to reach our target. We need the second half of the month to be more than twice as good as the first. Please do what you can to help.

Robbie Rix