Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The highlight of this week’s contributions to the Weekly Worker fighting fund comes in the shape of a fantastic £100 bank transfer from regular donor BK. Thank you, comrade!

Other donations that came our way were some other very handy bank transfers or standing orders from AC (£60), BO (£35), CG and HN (£30 each), GC and DV (£25), RG and LM (£15), and BH and SM (£10 each). In addition there were a couple of PayPal gifts from PW (£20) and MH (£10) - not to mention the usual tenner handed to one of our team from comrade Hassan.

All that comes to £395, which takes our running total up to £697 for March. That’s not too bad, as we’ve not yet reached a third of the month and we’re not too short of a third of the way to reaching our target, which is £2,250.

But now we could do with a bit of acceleration - especially as we really need to make up some of last month’s deficit, when we only just passed the £2K mark. This time something more like £2,500 would be just what the doctor ordered, and we’d really appreciate it if our readers and supporters could come up with the goods to help us meet all those rising costs.

You could click on that PayPal button on our website, send us a cheque or - best of all, as it’s quickest and cheapest - make a bank transfer. Make your payment to ‘Weekly Worker’ at account number 00744310 (sort code 30-99-64).

Let’s make sure we get there this month!

Robbie Rix