Big ask

Robbie Rix is confident of a big answer

“I know it’s not much,” writes TY, “but I hope it helps.” In fact your £50 cheque is very generous indeed, comrade, and very much appreciated. And even more generous - in fact precisely twice more (!) - was the other cheque received this week from KL for £100. But KL is a man of few words who doesn’t bother with a covering letter - it’s the cash we need, after all.

On top of those two cheques there were five standing orders - from RK and GD (£25 each), DV (£20), SM and AN (£10) - plus £17 raised at a collection in London. Oh, and the extra £5 in SJ’s resubscription postal order was also gratefully received.

But I have to say that not one of our 3,152 online readers clicked on the PayPal ‘Donate’ button this week, which is very disappointing - especially since the number of internet readers seems to be gradually creeping up week after week (not that we trust the figures - they are probably a gross underestimation given ad-blockers, etc). Anyway, don’t any of you like what you read enough to get out your debit card?

But I suppose there are good weeks and bad, and I have to say that the £260 received over the last seven days is a little lower than I was hoping for. It takes our October fighting fund up to £590, but that’s way below where we ought to be with two weeks of the month gone and a target of £1,750 to reach. That means we need to raise another £1,190 in the remaining 17 days. A big ask!

But our readers and supporters always know when they are needed and I’m confident that this month will be no exception.