Good start

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Unfortunately I have to start with some bad news. We didn’t make our monthly £2,250 fighting fund target for June, falling short by £169. Just three contributions were received on the last day of the month, the day after my column last week - thanks to MD (£25), NM (£20) and comrade Hassan (£5).

Anyway, that shortfall wasn’t a disaster, but we could really do with making amends in July! And, to be honest, things are looking reasonably good after the first six days, with £549 donated so far. But the downside is, of course, that the first week of the month always sees a disproportionate number of standing orders, so we always expect to get more than in later weeks.

The highest donation this week came from Irish comrade AM, who contributed £84 by bank transfer, and there were no fewer than 23 other transfers or standing orders, which included the following: £60 from AC, £37 from FK, £30 from CG, and £20 from five comrades - thank you, DL, BK, MF, SJ and II. The other 15 bank transfers/standing orders totalled £163, and in addition there were two PayPal donations - a very generous £60 from comrade TB, plus a tenner from MH.

So, as I say, the running total stands at £549 after just under a week. If we kept up that rate over the whole month, we’d exceed the target by £500! But I’m not counting on that, of course.

But I am counting on us reaching our £2,250 monthly target - and, if possible, making up at least some of last month’s shortfall. Can you help us do that?

Robbie Rix