Do the necessary

After an excellent first week for our June fighting fund, unfortunately things have slowed right down again in week two.

This week a total of £265 was donated, compared to £641 in week one. That means we are currently standing at £906 after 14 days, while the target that we need each month is £2,250. In other words, we must raise another £1,344 in the remaining 16 days of the month.

That is far from impossible - especially as we are approaching that time of the month when several substantial standing orders usually come our way. But they won’t be enough unless quite a few other comrades help us out too.

For example, in the last seven days the £265 that came in resulted from just nine donations - which shows you what could happen if just a few more comrades decided to put their money where their mouth is and match their words of praise for what they read in the Weekly Worker with material support.

The biggest donation this week was from comrade PB, who came up with her usual £70, while other standing orders came from NH (£30), DV (£25), LG and CC (£10 each). Then there were three very handy PayPal payments from RL (£50), US comrade PM (also £50) and MZ in Italy (£10), while comrade IR sent us a cheque for £10.

But after the failure of recent months to reach that £2,250 target, we really do need to get there this month - as well as the following months too. So please help our paper fulfil its essential role in campaigning for the united, principled, democratic Marxist party that is so essential for the working class movement. We need our supporters to do the necessary!