Let’s think about it

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With exactly one week to go to reach our £2,000 fighting fund target for September, our running total stands at £1,374. In other words, we still need £626 in seven days.

That compares to the £513 that came our way over the last week - a large chunk of which (£455 no less!) took the form of standing orders - thanks to SK, PM, MM and GB for your brilliant regular payments! Another comrade who makes a monthly donation is LC, this time via PayPal, but that £50 is just as valuable (well, not quite, as we do have to pay a small transaction charge, but let’s not worry about that!).

Finally, comrade IR sent us a cheque (yes, we’re still getting the odd one of those!) for £8. He accompanied that with a letter, in which he thanked us for our efforts and also gave us a word of warning about one of our correspondents - a certain Oliver Healey, who has had an occasional letter published. Comrade IR said he knows for a fact that Mr Healey is a rightwinger, so we mustn’t consider letting him join our ranks.

Well, thanks very much for your concern, comrade, but we did know that - in his first letter (August 13) he described himself as a “paleoconservative libertarian”. He thinks that we on “the anti-capitalist left” should join forces with members of the “anti-monopoly capitalist libertarian right” like himself, in order to “dismantle the corrupt influence of big government and big banking”. Hmm, let’s think about that one, shall we?

Joking aside, our letters pages give space to those with all sorts of ideas - including weird ones like that. In a strange kind of way they can sometimes be quite educational!

Anyway, back to the job in hand. Can you help us cross that finishing line by this time next week? Another £626 is needed, and every little helps.

Robbie Rix