More than refreshing

Pride of place amongst our fighting fund donors this week goes to GB, who made a bank transfer of £78. An odd amount, you might think, but, of course, it exactly matches last month’s deficit!

The comrade writes: “I really appreciate the high quality of the journalism” in the Weekly Worker. While he finds the “lack of ideological honesty” in mainstream politics “hardly surprising”, it is “more than refreshing” that in our paper he can “read material that begins its articulation from an intelligent place, and stays there”. Your words are just as much appreciated as your donation, comrade.

Another who responded to my plea last week in the same way was comrade JS, whose bank transfer was for £25, while we also received three cheques. PJ’s £25 came in response to the appeal I made in April for new (or increased) standing orders. Well, his £25 was a one-off, but you never know … The other two cheques were from CT (£30) and RD (£20).

There were also two PayPal gifts from MM (£10) and DB (£7). MM tells us his tenner was “to help clear the deficit” and adds: “Hope the target is exceeded” this month. By the way, that contribution comes on top of MM’s regular standing order - for no less than £75 a month.

Talking of standing order payments, five of them were received this week - thanks go to NH (£30), GD and DV (£25 each), LM (£15) and SM (£10). All that means the running total has increased by £290 over the last seven days, taking it to £682. However, we’re still lagging a little behind the going rate if we want to make our £2,000 target. Any more offers? l

Robbie Rix