Follow the example

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The highlight of this week’s donations to the Weekly Worker fighting fund was the magnificent cheque for no less than £350 received from a group of communists from Turkey resident in Britain. That almost exactly doubled our running total for May, which was standing at £352!

But, as I say, that was just the highlight. There were also regular PayPal donations from SB and RL (£50 each), as well as £10 from German comrade MH, which he contributes every month in addition to his regular Pay Pal subscription. Then there were those standing orders from BO (£35), NH (£30), GD, NR and DV (£25 each), plus SM and CC (£10). Finally, I know readers will be disappointed if I fail to mention the usual £5 note donated by comrade Hassan.

All in all, May’s fighting fund shot up by £625, taking our running total to £977 towards our £2,250 target, with just over a third of the month gone.

On top of that, comrade JH says she has set up a new standing order, beginning in June. She writes: “I’ve been reading you online since I came across the Weekly Worker in January. One of my colleagues at work mentioned it to me, but I was sceptical - until I read it for myself!” As with so many of our readers, she is impressed by the open debate carried in our pages: “That’s just what the left needs,” she concludes.

If you agree with her, why not follow her example? Or you can make a one-off donation to the Weekly Worker by bank transfer if you prefer. It’s account number 00744310; sort code 30-99-64.

Robbie Rix