Not for the first time, comrade BK has stepped in to make up for the previous month’s shortfall in our fighting fund. I said last week that we “need to make up” the £90 February deficit this month and, on March 1, he transferred that amount into our account! Thank you, comrade.

Comrade DV is another who has contacted us to say he has just increased his monthly standing order by a fiver to £25. He writes: “The Weekly Worker letters page continues to be exceptional. No other paper would allow such a debate over Stalinism nor print such an attack on communism/socialism and the millions killed in its name.”

He adds: “As I’ve said before, in a climate where people usually just read what they agree with, the policy of printing diametrically opposed views, especially those against the CPGB stances, really makes readers think.” Thanks for those kind words, comrade - it’s good to know our efforts are appreciated.

As for standing orders already received, the start of the month always sees a high proportion of them, although not for the largest amounts. In the first six days of March there were 17 SOs, totalling £340. Special thanks go to EW and MS (£40 each), ST (£30) and DL and TG (£20). Then there were three PayPal donations - £30 from regular supporter TB, the usual £15 from US comrade PM, and £5 from AR (whose £10 standing order was mentioned last week).

There were, however, no cheques in the post, but we still start the month £450 to the good. But we need £1,750 each and every month and, although unlike February there are a full 31 days this time round, I could do with a few substantial donations just to reassure me!

Does anyone fancy taking a leaf out of DV’s book by showing their appreciation?

Robbie Rix