Printing next week

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I must admit that last week I was feeling a little pessimistic about the May fighting fund - with just a week and a half to go to reach our £2,000 target, we were less than halfway there. And it’s really important we get all the way now, with the printing of the Weekly Worker about to resume and our costs shooting up as a result.

But now I feel rather more optimistic - thanks largely to one fantastic donation from comrade SK for no less than £393! Other donations received via bank transfer were more modest, but still very useful - thanks go to JF (£20) and GB (£15). There were also a number of monthly standing orders that totalled £390 - my thanks to all those comrades too. Finally LC sent us £50 using PayPal, which meant our running total shot up by £868 to £1,802. Brilliant!

So hopefully in our first printed edition for well over a year I’ll be able to announce that we’ve broken through that £2K barrier next week.

By the way, don’t worry if you paid a subscription to the Weekly Worker that was still active when we suspended printing - that will now be automatically extended. Incredibly, no-one at all took up the offer of a refund last year, so all our subscribers’ credit remains in place!

Anyway, this time next week you’ll be able to open up the paper and read my words there - hey, that’s something to look forward to! And hopefully I’ll be reporting that we reached our target. We just need another £200 by May 31, so please help us get there.

Robbie Rix