Spot on

The Paypal button is spot on for making donations, says Robbie Rix

“Your coverage of Corbyn and Labour is spot on,” writes comrade TS. “Just the right balance between support for Jeremy and criticism of his retreats.”

TS mentioned in particular last week’s paper, where Lawrence Parker, Tony Greenstein and Paul Demarty all touched on different aspects of Labour’s internal battles - what else could he do but write us a cheque for £20 to show his appreciation?

Apart from that, I have to say that last week was not one of our best when it came to raising cash for our monthly £1,750 fighting fund target. True, JP clicked on our PayPal button a couple of times to donate a total of £65 (!), while SP added another fiver in the same way. But it wasn’t a good week for standing orders - only £80 came in (thank you, comrades KC and LN). It must be that time of the month again.

Anyway, our fighting fund benefited to the tune of £170 all in all, taking our total for March up to £1,317. But, of course, that still leaves us another two weeks to raise the extra £433 we need - not to mention an extra £100 or so to make up for January’s deficit!

How about some more of you web readers chipping in? There were 3,280 of you last week, but only the two mentioned above thought of making a donation. There’s no time like the present!