Robbie Rix gives a shout out to donors big and small

The last day of May’s fighting fund only saw one extra donation come in - thank you, VP, for your monthly £10. However, I must add the £60 already paid via PayPal by TB for his annual subscription - he doesn’t actually want the print version of the Weekly Worker, as he reads it online, so that counts as a £60 donation. And it took the grand total for May up to £1,849 - an extra £99 over and above our £1,750 target.

And June’s fund has got off to a good start, with the usual batch of standing orders near the beginning of each month. There were 18 of them, ranging from £5 from DC and PBS to £40 from MS and EW. Thanks also to AN, DI, DL, ST, MT, MM, YM, BG, TM, TG, BL, SW, AC and CG for their various sums in between. All those standing orders totalled £347.

Let me mention too the £50 in cash donated by PB at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum. A keen supporter of the Weekly Worker, she distributes it widely among her comrades and contacts. There was also the regular PayPal donation from US comrade PM, plus two cheques - thanks to RL for the £20 added to his annual sub, and to MS for her £10. She writes: “Not much, I know, but I’m a bit cash-strapped. But this is to show I really appreciate your coverage of Ireland” - meaning the two articles in last week’s paper.

So we start our June fighting fund with £442 towards that £1,750 target - a sum that just about covers our regular costs. Please chip in if you can.