Thanks to some generous donations, our fighting fund running total went up by £435 this week. And they weren’t just generous either - some of them came in the form of unusual amounts. For instance, comrade SK made a bank transfer for £67 (?), while OG wrote what she called an “eccentric cheque” for £48. Who am I to argue, comrade? I’m just grateful!

There were two other bank transfers - from GB (£50) and JC (£40) - and one other cheque, with PS adding a handy £20 to his subscription. Then there were those monthly standing orders - thank you, NH (£30), GD and DV (£25 each), NR (£18) and JK, SM and SN (£10 each). Finally, RL (£50), HK (£25) and DB (£7) made their regular PayPal contributions.

Well, that’s not bad - especially as we’re getting near that time of the month when those really large standing orders start coming in! But I’m not taking anything for granted, especially when you consider that the running total now stands at just £744, after 12 days of a 29-day month. And, of course, we need £2,000, so we’re quite a bit behind the going rate, aren’t we?

So, if you appreciate the Weekly Worker, how about taking a leaf out of OG’s book and doing something “eccentric” - like making a really large donation? I won’t feel put out, honestly! And, talking about appreciation, let me repeat the words of HK, who wrote me this note following his £25 PayPal gift: “I really want to thank you for what you’re saying about the Labour Party. The fight’s not over yet! Keep it up.”

I like it, comrade. Does anyone else fancy showing their appreciation? 

Robbie Rix