Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Blood of the innocents

23 May 2024

Sir Brian Langstaff’s Infected Blood Inquiry reveals a disgraceful litany of deceit, delay, neglect and corporate greed, writes Ian Spencer

Unholy trinity continues to push

23 May 2024

Thanks to the US, Nato and the EU, the Ukraine fallout is spreading, writes Daniel Lazare - not least in Georgia and Slovakia

Minimal symmetrical errors

23 May 2024

One upholds only the maximum programme in elections, the other rejects the maximum programme as ultra-leftist, but neither shows the least understanding of the minimum programme. Mike Macnair replies to Adam Buick and Steve Freeman

So it’s July 4

23 May 2024

Rishi Sunak has gambled on falling inflation, tepid economic growth and Rwanda flights to win this summer’s general election. Carla Roberts says: while the Tories richly deserve to lose, we should do nothing to foster illusions in Sir Keir

Marching towards what solution?

16 May 2024

Steve Freeman gives a Menshevik twist to the old PLO demand for a single capitalist Palestinian state by making the case for a single capitalist federal republic. The perspective of working class rule and socialism is denounced as ultra-leftism

Sir Keir’s Tory bigot

16 May 2024

Natalie Elphicke is welcomed in. Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are kept out. Meanwhile, the Corbynista left limps on in 57 insipid varieties, writes Carla Roberts

Egging on the mob

09 May 2024

Republicans and Democrats alike brand anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism and unleash police and rightwing attacks. But, warns Daniel Lazare, a second-term Trump presidency will move to crush any opposition to Israel

Third period Bennism

09 May 2024

Should we support George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain in the coming general election? Carla Roberts gives her take on the politics, programme and perspectives

Debating with Oehlerites

09 May 2024

With the general election fast approaching, Eddie Ford reports on the Online Communist Forum debate. While the Spartacist League fetishises opposition to the person of Sir Keir Starmer and throws in its lot with the Tusc opportunist lash-up, the CPGB emphasises communist unity as the only serious route towards mass work

Sir Keir flies the flag

02 May 2024

Labour told candidates to mark St George’s Day ‘with enthusiasm’. Then there was the England jersey furore. Carl Collins examines the role of hegemony in today’s culture wars

Foibles, fantasies and failure

02 May 2024

For too long much of the left has tailed Scottish nationalism. Yet Humza Yousaf’s fall demonstrates that control is still exercised by Westminster. But it is not just about the legal limits of devolution: there is economic reality too, writes Mike Macnair

Ditch the constitution

02 May 2024

America is in thrall to a dictatorship of the past. That Donald Trump is relying on the Supreme Court to establish his ‘presidential immunity’ from prosecution should act as a clarion call for mass action to achieve a genuine democracy, argues Daniel Lazare

A very Tory ban

25 Apr 2024

With Labour support, the Tories’ smoking ban is likely to pass - but, on historical evidence, prohibition is hardly likely to work, says Paul Demarty

Turning the tide

18 Apr 2024

Ukraine’s summer 2023 offensive was a complete failure and Russia now appears to be making tactical gains. But Kyiv is not going to be a pushover, writes Eddie Ford

Selective memory syndrome

18 Apr 2024

Paul Demarty admires George Galloway’s grand ambitions, but warns about a complete inability to deliver. Meanwhile, a forgetful SWP sticks to ‘strikes and streets’

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