Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Spin, traps and rights

27 Jan 2022

Left responses to Raab’s proposals - in so far as they exist - have simply been to defend the 1998 Human Rights Act and the European Convention. A bad idea. Mike Macnair proposes a real Bill of Rights instead

Sheer unadulterated murder

27 Jan 2022

Kevin Bean looks back to the events of Bloody Sunday and blames the killings not merely on individual members of the paratroop regiment but those sitting round the cabinet table in Downing Street

Pink is the colour

27 Jan 2022

Despite supposedly bringing “feminism and gender perspective to power”, Gabriel Boric does not impress Eddie Ford. What sort of “candidate of the streets” supports laws criminalising street barricades?

On the brink of war?

27 Jan 2022

The US drive to subordinate Russia, not Putin’s imperial ambitions, are the main explanation for any further conflict, argues Paul Demarty

No change of line

20 Jan 2022

Mike Macnair responds to Daniel Lazare on BDS, the Israel Jewish working class and the necessity of opposing the witch-hunt

Path to nowhere

20 Jan 2022

Daniel Lazare accuses his critics of burying their heads in the sand over the nature of the BDS campaign

An uncertain situation

20 Jan 2022

Discounting the danger of Islamic reaction is more than stupid. Paul Demarty looks at the Kazakh uprising and the CSTO intervention

Operation Save Big Dog

20 Jan 2022

Is Boris Johnson toast? Eddie Ford comments on the partygate scandals and what it means for Sir Keir’s prospects

Will ye no come back?

20 Jan 2022

Amidst rumours of Jeremy Corbyn being set to launch a new party, Derek James asks why so many on the left are still in thrall to Corbynism

Class struggle and sport

13 Jan 2022

David John Douglass reviews 'Colliers: Northumberland’s pitmen and their Football League team' by Jon Tait (Rough Badger Press, 2021, pp171, £7)

Three cheers for juries

13 Jan 2022

With attorney general Suella Braverman threatening to use extraordinary measures and a deafening silence coming from Labour’s front bench, Paul Demarty unhesitatingly welcomes the acquittal of the Colston Four

Self-declared heretic replies

06 Jan 2022

Tony Greenstein insists that the merging of LAW and LIEN is precisely the ‘twin-track’ approach that Jack Conrad advocates

Creating a carnival of reaction

06 Jan 2022

James Harvey looks at how and why the island of Ireland was partitioned one hundred years ago

Failed with flying colours

06 Jan 2022

Contemporary US capitalism has shown a complete inability to renew itself through reform, argues Jim Creegan

Disarray over abortion

06 Jan 2022

Anne McShane looks at the right’s assault on abortion in the US, the DSA’s abstentionism and the shameful record of what still passes for the left

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