Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Ghost dancers of loyalism

15 Apr 2021

Riots in the Six Counties confirm once again that the Good Friday agreement settled nothing, writes Derek James

Labour’s latest Waterloo

15 Apr 2021

The defeat of the campaign for union recognition at Amazon is not as straightforward as might be thought, argues Daniel Lazare

Grief at gunpoint

15 Apr 2021

The coverage of Philip Windsor’s death has reached new heights of absurdity, even for British royals, argues Paul Demarty

The opportunist prince

15 Apr 2021

He was a typical European high aristocrat, but one who chose his side - and his bride - well, writes Eddie Ford

After 47 years

08 Apr 2021

The convictions of the Shrewsbury 24 have at last been quashed. There was a conspiracy - between the employers, the police and the Tory government. Bernard Mattson reports

Nationalist dreams and nightmares

08 Apr 2021

Mike Macnair reviews 'Workers and nationalism: Czech and German Social Democracy in Habsburg Austria, 1890-1918' by JS Beneš and 'The Fiume crisis: life in the wake of the Habsburg empire' by DK Reill

Royalty and the Reich

08 Apr 2021

Eddie Ford reviews Channel 4's 'Queen Elizabeth and the spy in the palace', directed by Andy Webb

Tip of an iceberg

08 Apr 2021

Bribery, fraud, nepotism and graft are all endemic to the bourgeois order, writes Derek James

How to be gaslit

08 Apr 2021

Anger is an insufficient response to the Sewell report, argues Paul Demarty. The left needs its own critique of liberal anti-racism

Focus on big questions

01 Apr 2021

Tory commissioners should concentrate minds, writes Derek James of Labour Party Marxists

The Zingaretti aberration

01 Apr 2021

Not surprisingly, the attempt to reinvent social democracy came to nothing. The rightward drift is now set to continue. Toby Abse looks at the dysfunctional parties, factions, fiefdoms and tokenistic gestures which dominate electoral politics

Blasphemy laws old and new

01 Apr 2021

Freedom of speech includes the right to criticise, explain and even mock, insists Eddie Ford

Getting our act together

25 Mar 2021

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists welcomes the coming together of the Labour left. However, the cause of unity must go hand-in-hand with principle

Protecting death factories

25 Mar 2021

Tony Greenstein reports on his arrest and week-long detention over a planned direct‑action protest against Elbit, a notorious Israeli arms company

Police Bill spin

25 Mar 2021

Mike Macnair says the ‘Old Corruption’ of the 18th and 19th centuries is returning and we need to respond accordingly

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