Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

To play the king

30 Jun 2022

Despite two by-election defeats and partygate, Eddie Ford does not write off Boris Johnson quite yet

Democracy in America?

30 Jun 2022

The latest attack on abortion rights shows the danger of worshipping the constitution, writes Daniel Lazare

The party question is key

30 Jun 2022

After the Supreme Court ruling, the left is debating strategy and tactics. But the key must be establishing a party and the best place to begin is breaking the DSA from the liberal wing of the bourgeoisie, argues Matthew Strupp of the Marxist Unity Group

Mick Lynch meets the media

30 Jun 2022

We cannot rely on the ‘balance, fairness and objectivity’ of the enemy’s press and television - we need our own full-spectrum alternative, argues Paul Demarty

Summer of discontent

30 Jun 2022

Workers in other unions have been inspired by the RMT. James Harvey argues for coordination, unity and political organisation that goes beyond Labourism

Enough is enough

23 Jun 2022

Gaby Rubin welcomes the RMT’s successful strike action and sees an opportunity to re-establish trade union strength and power - if there is a willingness to defy the law

Le Pen surges forward

23 Jun 2022

The danger is that the left will use anti-fascism as an excuse to cut a deal with the liberal centre. To put it mildly, that would be a profound mistake, warns Paul Demarty

A very liberal convert

23 Jun 2022

Sir Bernard Pares was a bitter opponent of Bolshevism and actively supported the whites during the civil war. However, after his 1935 visit to Moscow, he became an apologist for the Stalin regime. Despite that, as Paul Flewers shows, he was still capable of penetrating insights

A name that spells trouble

23 Jun 2022

The YCL's very public pro-Stalin chanting at the recent TUC demo was clearly a provocation aimed directly at Robert Griffiths and his timid leadership of the CPB, writes Lawrence Parker

Banging same old drum

16 Jun 2022

It has nothing to do with business in Northern Ireland, everything to do with keeping the Red Wall seats. James Harvey explores the politics behind Boris Johnson’s plans to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol

At whose service?

16 Jun 2022

Reform of primary care should not be trusted to the likes of Policy Exchange, writes James Linney. This ‘independent’ think tank was set up by Tories to serve the Tory agenda of cost-saving and profit-making

Same colour, same aim

16 Jun 2022

Boris Johnson narrowly survived, but he is far from secure. However, the left needs to go beyond chanting ‘Tories out’, because today that implicitly means ‘Sir Keir and Blue Labour in’, says Paul Demarty

Revisiting January 6

16 Jun 2022

Hearings into the failed coup bid are all very well and good, says Daniel Lazare. But there is more to the breakdown of the political system than Donald Trump

Beyond the pale

16 Jun 2022

Alex Davies of National Action has been jailed for eight and a half years. Such legislation can easily be directed against the left and the working class movement, Eddie Ford warns

Jubilee versus democracy

09 Jun 2022

Much of the left fails to take the monarchy seriously. But Eddie Ford reminds the SWP of the shameful moment when it voted against republicanism in Respect so as not to alienate royalists

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