Finish the job

Robbie Rix hates an anticlimax

“I’m only too glad to get this cheque to you a bit early,” writes DB, “to help give a small boost to May’s fighting fund.” A handy £60, thank you very much.

And it was very timely too, as it helped lift our income this week to £577 and takes our running total to £1,692. In other words, we need another £83 by May 31 - three days left to make our £1,750 target for the second consecutive month. Please make sure we get there.

More than helpful also were the standing orders from DT (£25), GT (£15), DS (£35), SS (£10), RC (£12) and JT (£75), plus the PayPal donations from AN (£20) and PM (£5). But pride of place this week goes to TM, who last week walked into the Weekly Worker office to hand over a princely £320 in £20 notes! That will do nicely.

So now we need you to finish the job and add to those showing their appreciation for our paper’s role in promoting Marxist, partyist unity. Please make sure your contribution gets to us in time by using PayPal or making a bank transfer. There again, if you happen to be coming our way with a wodge of £20 notes …