Breath of fresh air

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Rather disappointingly, we only received £220 for our October fighting fund in the last week, taking our running total up to a mere £592. I say ‘mere’ because we need £2,000 each and every month, and half of October has already gone. So we are way behind where we ought to be.

Of course, this time of the month is always the worst for standing orders - there were only three of them over the last seven days - so I would expect to make up some ground next week. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say no to a bit of a boost! As for those three SOs, they were from PB (£60), HN (£30) and DV (£25), so they were certainly generous. But we could do with a few more readers joining them in their monthly commitment to the Weekly Worker.

In addition to those standing orders, we received two very useful PayPal donations from regular contributors MF and RL - they both chipped in with their usual £50. In addition, comrade BR made his first ever £5 donation. He writes: “What a breath of fresh air! How come I’ve never come across the Weekly Worker before?”

He also asks when we’re going to start printing again: “I’d love to get a copy in my hands!” Well, the news isn’t so good on that one, I’m afraid. With the possibility of a second lockdown looming, we’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway that’s all of I’ve got to report by way of contributions - once more, there was nothing that came our way by post this week. So, as I say, now we need a bit of a spurt to make up for lost ground.

Robbie Rix