Not for the first time we have fallen way behind where we ought to be in reaching our fighting fund target of £1,750. I blame it on those standing order donors, who just don’t like the second week of the month! Would you believe it? A mere £55 came in from SOs - but thanks nevertheless to HN (£30), DV (£20) and RP (£5), who did their duty.

Mind you, a comrade in Ireland made a bank transfer of €50 - let’s call that £43, shall we? - while someone nearer home, comrade BD, wrote a cheque that also featured the number 50, but this time in pounds. There was only one PayPal donation (thanks to DB for your usual £7) and comrade Hassan handed over his customary £10 note to a London comrade.

But unfortunately the £165 received over the last seven days leaves us struggling, with the running total standing at only £470. What makes things worse is that we are in a month of only 28 days, half of which have already gone! Which means we need to raise around three times more in the second half of the month than we did in the first.

Normally I wouldn’t be too worried, as I know the third week of the month is rather better for standing orders than the second. But I just can’t help being a little apprehensive, given the size of the deficit.

You know what to do to make me feel more relaxed, don’t you? Take a leaf out of BD’s book (yes, the comrade who sent in that £50 cheque). She wrote: “This is just to show how much the Weekly Worker is appreciated.” In other words, her appreciation was expressed in monetary terms. Fancy following suit?

Robbie Rix