Smashed through!

Our reader's generosity has got Robbie Rix purring this week...

“Long live the revolution!” exclaims comrade JH in the note accompanying his £60 cheque - his contribution to the Weekly Worker’s “distribution and running costs”. Comrade TG, for his part, was less forthcoming with the slogans, but even more generous with his donation - a nice £75. Thanks to both!

Thanks also to all the other comrades who made sure that we not only reached our £1,500 monthly target for September: we smashed through it! Pride of place in the list of donors goes to comrade TM, who handed in £155 in cash. Then there was MD’s £15 PayPal donation and the total of £177 in standing orders - particularly worthy of mention among them were JT (£75), DS (£35) and PM (£30).

All that came to £482 - and, what’s more, it was all received by September 30. It took our total for the month to a brilliant £1,749. And it doesn’t end there. On the first day of October we received £89 in standing orders towards this month’s fund. Thanks very much to everybody.

One piece of disappointing news though. The number of online readers last week was only 5,649 - no wonder we only had one PayPal donation! I can’t blame it on the change of server either - the website was up and running all week.